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North Coffee Equipment Co.,Ltd

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North Coffee Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional company which is specialized in coffee roaster.
We researched and developed coffee roaster for more than 10 years.We had many expertise and more experiences for it.
At present, we produced 500g(Electric and Gas),1kg(Electric and Gas),2kg,3kg,6kg,10kg,15kg,20kg and 30kg.We also can
customized for you. Our coffee roaster quality is robust and sturdy and we had best after sales service.

Millcity is our sole agent of worldwide presently. All overseas's customers must be place an order from them directly
and we ship to customers directly. Millcity's boss steve is an expert in this field and he can give you more guidence.
Welcome to consult North Coffee and Millcity if you want to get top coffee roaster.